Robyn Lawley Topless (11 Photos)

35-year-old Robyn Lawley is back at it again, re-postin’ those topless pics where she’s coverin’ her boobs with just her long hair. This ain’t the first or second time, fam – Robyn’s been servin’ up these semi-naked shoots for her fans every six months, and we gotta say, them tits are still lookin’ fire, even with the hair cover-up.


Australian model Robyn Lawley, the OG plus-size queen who made history with Sports Illustrated, is still killin’ the game by postin’ nude pics. Lawley, who’s a size 12 by American standards, is all about breakin’ them beauty norms and embracin’ real bodies with all their flaws, like stretch marks and cellulite. She’s been shoutin’ out Sports Illustrated for lovin’ all body types and helpin’ women love themselves just the way they are.

Just a heads up, though – Robyn’s lost some weight and ain’t technically a plus-size model no more. She’s been goin’ through some tough times, too, dealin’ with a stroke and lupus, which means she’s had to make some major changes to her lifestyle and diet for her health. On top of that, Lawley’s all about callin’ out the fashion industry for usin’ AI models, sayin’ they’re messin’ with body image and need some serious regulation. She’s all about keepin’ it real and pushin’ for true inclusivity and diversity.


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  1. PutYourFIngerInMyAss

    Here I was thinking this s)ite was finally done after all the sh!tposting. How disappointing.


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