Padma Lakshmi Sexy (8 Photos + Video)

Padma Lakshmi is here again with her fire pics in a leopard bikini. The 52-year-old TV queen and model just posed on her balcony with an ocean view, proving that age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Lakshmi’s still got those curvy curves and them big boobs that got everyone goin’ wild.


On the ‘Gram, Padma dropped some sultry pics of herself rockin’ that revealing two-piece while vibin’ with the ocean views. You know Lakshmi’s all about that food life, but she’s also super into stayin’ fit. She’s always talkin’ about her intense workout routine and diet, especially after filmin’ “Top Chef” where she’s gotta try all them dishes. Padma’s all about trainin’ five days a week, gettin’ in that boxing and strength training, so she can enjoy her grub without guilt and still rock them seductive outfits like a boss at 52.

3 thoughts on “Padma Lakshmi Sexy (8 Photos + Video)

  1. mpumelelo

    Without the white painting on photos, she looks like one of those nastis in my othrwise beautiul country of Somalia.

    1. agentalbert

      Are they? They hang naturally and look fleshy at least. Without seeing them unexposed, they don’t look obviously fake.


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