Taylor Brumann Nude (22 Photos)

Yo, check out the sizzling pics of the smoking hot surfer and fashion model, Taylor Brumann, in her birthday suit.

Born on December 19, 1996 in Basel, Switzerland, this babe stands tall at 170 cm with a cute face to match. Just imagine, a slender, tanned blonde like Taylor Brumann straight chillin’ butt-naked on the beach – it don’t get much more beautiful on a summer day than that!


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Amy McCarthy Nude (6 Photos)

Check out Amy McCarthy, she’s been in movies like Dirty Love and Love Relations. Plus, she’s famous for being Jenny McCarthy‘s sis.

She even did a Playboy photoshoot and was the Cybergirl of the Month in January 2005. She’s got a kinesthetics degree from college, and she’s also got sisters named Joanne and Lynette. And get this, she’s first cousins with Melissa McCarthy!

Oh, and don’t forget, Jim Carrey was at her wedding to former NHL player Dan Hinote in 2008.

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