Sydney Sweeney Enjoys a Day with a Friend (149 Photos)

Sydney Sweeney was chillin’ in her new crib in Florida, vibin’ on an inflatable banana being towed by a jetski with her homie.

The Hollywood starlet, her bae Jonathan Davino, and their squad were gettin’ their zen on with some paddle boarding and just livin’ it up at the back of her sick new $13.5 million pad. This in-demand actress went all out and copped a straight-up luxurious oceanfront mansion with all the fixins’ in a dope, secluded spot just 30 minutes from Key West and 140 miles outside Miami.


9 thoughts on “Sydney Sweeney Enjoys a Day with a Friend (149 Photos)


    The paddleboard pics of her on her knees will go down in history as her most famous pictures ever. Jessica Alba has similar pictures with similar poses and they are the most famous ever.

  2. SydneySweeneysNextBoyfriend

    A question the need for Sydney to wear a life jacket when she is blessed with two large and beautiful flotation devices.

  3. RelentlessOnanism

    Obviously the main thing with this chick is her tits, which are truly world-class, but to be fair, she’s got a nice arse on her too.

  4. Chester

    Stubby legs, big ass, wonky eyes. Unbelievably overrated……………..but 90% of these women are way overrated.


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