43 thoughts on “Sexy Girls in Quarantine (8 Photos)

    1. Attention Whores On Display

      Three million women signed up for Onlyfans during the quarantine.


      If women don’t get male attention, they DIE.

      1. Yer Maw.

        The Corona Virus seems to have turned women into total attention seeking sluts. I’ve personally been messaged by at least 20 girls/models I follow on Instagram asking if I want to cashapp videos or pictures of them of them nude, masturbating etc…

    1. HillaryKane

      No one deserves the virus you brainless jerk!! But you do deserve to have your ass kicked for making a stupid statement like that.

    2. John Cray

      You’re a pathetic little cunt, wishing death from COVID on ANYONE. Typical bitch move hoping a disease hurts people that you’re too much of a punk to deal with. Fucking sad little INCEL loser! HAAHAHAHH GTFO

    1. wawa

      Good eye. Only one I like too, you know who that is?> Seems like we’re the only two with good taste on this site. The rest of the faggots like COWS.

      1. Celery Stalk

        I’d do the third one most normal of the hurd. Hopefully there’s no horse lips & teeth under that mask. Her name is on the pic too it’s stalking time

    2. yourmother

      Because she looks like a normal girl and not some plastic surgery bimbo with ass bigger than a truck.

      1. v1adimir

        It’s a *damn* shame about the first girl, seems like she was pretty beautiful, maybe going for a career in pr0n or something, meh. Do they even KNOW that it will require multiple procedures over her lifetime? :/

    1. Thinliplover

      I like the big boobs but her inflated slug lips are atrocious. I’ll never understand why white women try to make their lips look like negr0id lips.

  1. s.smith

    This is so bad on so many levels
    a,theyre in isolation so dont need to wear masks
    b.its in very bad taste
    c.we can’t see their tits and cunts
    d.surgical masks are not sexy

    stupid bitches

  2. Ren

    You mean to tell me that all these genuises had independently come up with the idea to pose in masks worn as bikinis?

    Just kidding. At the outset of this, I wondered how long it would be until I’d see selfies of girls posing in masks online.

    1. brazilian boy

      Doctors claim that the masks used in the vaginas of internet models, has a 500% increase in effectiveness and safety against the virus if used by men on the face! Just give me those used masks in the pussy.

  3. TheydeserveCOVID

    You have medical personnel that can’t even get PPE to protect themselves, who are risking their lives to try and help save people, and these dumb whores are wearing it to cover their tits and vag.

    Disgusting on every level.


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