Olivia Wilde is Seen Leaving Tracy Anderson’s Gym in Studio City (22 Photos)

Olivia Wilde was spotted leaving the renowned Tracy Anderson gym, having just completed a demanding workout session, 09/18/2023.

The actress looked invigorated as she stepped out, a clear indication of how she likes to start her week—full of energy and focus. Clad in her workout gear, Wilde seemed to embody the very essence of fitness and dedication.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oliviawilde/

6 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde is Seen Leaving Tracy Anderson’s Gym in Studio City (22 Photos)

  1. yourmomisworthfivecents

    Not that she was bursting at the seams or anything but man, man, I’m using that term for a reason. From her waist down really nice, from a waist up I think it’s a dude.

  2. Severin

    Working hard on the picket-line to win a better deal for the “little people”. Is she fuck!

    These Hollywood bitches could care less about the jobbing actors losing their houses due to this strike.
    Hypocritical sluts and whores, replacing them with AI would be an improvement.


  3. Stephen Kink

    Nice. I’m glad she is revealing more skin, especially with a toned midriff like that. She is dedicated to her fitness as well as giving her fans something to oggle. Looking forward to having a good “watch” of Tron Legacy tonight.

  4. Kunt and the Gang

    That hairline is advancing steadily towards the back of her head.

    Soon she’ll look like Larry from The Three Stooges.


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