9 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde is Seen Leaving the Gym After Her Workout (36 Photos)

  1. The Voice Of Reason

    Seriously. Is this all this bitch does is go to the fucking gym to attract attention to herself?
    If she wasn’t desperate, she wouldn’t hire someone to take pictures of her at the fucking gym.
    She’s got enough money to have a fucking gym in her home rather than go out.

  2. Severin

    So hard for all these starving desperate actresses, standing day after day, hour after hour on the picketline. My heart bleeds for them, hardly able to make ends meet.

    Such bullshit, these Hollywood actresses couldn’t care less about the struggling actresses who are getting evicted due to the strike. Replace them all with AI, then we wouldn’t have to listen to them preaching telling us peasants how to live our lives.

    Fuck ’em.


  3. Rishi Nutsak

    Its a good thing that her photographer is sharing photos of her from behind now too. She does have a most delectably pert and toned rump. Her work at the gymnasium is certainly bearing fruit (a perfectly firm, yet ripe peach in this case). Well done, Olivia.


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