13 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde Flaunts Her Fit Body in Studio City (50 Photos)

  1. Rishi Nutsak

    She’s certainly getting a lot WILDE-r in what she shows off, well done Olivia. I know that Olivia herself posts here, so may I take time to thank her for making sure she had diamond cutting erect nipples for this shoot, she really thinks about her fans.

  2. Severin

    Her post-gym pap walks are to be applauded. Women need to understand that having kids is no excuse for being matronly. You just have to commit. It’s also no excuse for not taking care of your skin, hair, etc. Did you see how good Olivia’s skin looked in the video Shia leaked (“Padre Pio” is a masterpiece btw)? That was her at her most ordinary and she looked fucking GOOD.

    My wife and I don’t have much of a marriage anymore but as the kids popped out she NEVER opted to let herself go. She never even vaguely gestured towards that shit, and she’ll always have my respect for that. It’s a shared covenant. We both maintain our physiques and appearances. But I never would have laid down in front of her car in desperation like a little bitch. That’s some other shit.


    1. AJ

      What utterly delusional bullshit, you are a fat bald fuck living in a one room basement in Bumfuck, Idaho.

      Go get some psychiatric help.

      And fuck your Russian bumchums.

    1. Harry Styles

      Hey man, why the hate?

      I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m naturally svelte.

      Say hello to your sister for me, she was a tight one.


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