Olivia Wilde Exits Her Morning Gym Routine (56 Photos)

Olivia Wilde looks great on her way out from Tracy Anderson gym in Studio City, 06/22/2023. The American actress and director wore a black crop top, matching leggings, and Adidas Samba sneakers.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oliviawilde/

4 thoughts on “Olivia Wilde Exits Her Morning Gym Routine (56 Photos)

  1. Richi Nutsak

    I love how she is always thinking of her fans by providing them such service. Not all celebs would make sure their nipples were erect and that their pants were pulled up tight enough to display her magnificent toned minge in all its glory. Bravo Olivia, bravo.

    And if she is reading this, as I suspect she is, might I suggest that for the next shoot she returns towards the gym, as if she has forgotten something, so she can turn around and her photographer gets some nice photos of her perfectly contoured buttocks for us to enjoy.


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