Margot Robbie Sexy – Vogue Australia (11 Photos)

The official premiere of “Barbie” is finally goin’ down, and Margot Robbie is switchin’ up her style from the doll girl vibes.

And in a new photo shoot for Australian Vogue magazine, she’s rockin’ a whole new persona. Think long legs in tights and a see-through bra showin’ off her assets – it’s that classic Margot Robbie we all know and love!

4 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Sexy – Vogue Australia (11 Photos)

  1. Severin

    Her performances in “Babylon” and “Amsterdam” are more compelling as art than anything she does in “Barbie”, but in “Barbie” she is one of the most beautiful women to ever have graced the silver screen. She’s like the second fucking coming of Brigette Bardot, just unbelievable in her perfection. And this is inevitably the primary takeaway that girls and young women will receive from this film, that Margot Robbie is a goddess and they want to look like her, so I don’t know why there’s so much whining about the film. This ain’t “Promising Young Woman.” The Goddess actually chooses to LEAVE feminist utopia at the end for chrissakes!


    1. BigBallz

      Shutup you stupid, fucking faggot. Nobody cares what you think. Go suck Putin’s cock and eat his spud.


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