Margot Robbie Looks Beautiful in a Pink Dress at the 81st Golden Globe Awards (184 Photos)

Get a load of Margot Robbie’s swanky vibes. That pink dress is stealing the show! Margot stuns at the 81st Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.


8 thoughts on “Margot Robbie Looks Beautiful in a Pink Dress at the 81st Golden Globe Awards (184 Photos)

  1. Severin

    Feminism isn’t going anywhere, and the sooner that Western men realize that we can get strategic about backing the forms of feminism that are not misandrist or female supremacist. To that end, contrast “Barbie” to the horrific “Somebody I Used to Know.”

    The recognition that male feelings matter is FUNDAMENTAL to the arc of the title character in “Barbie.” The film treats Ken with immense sympathy. In contrast, “Somebody I Used to Know” tells us that male feelings should not matter to women AT ALL. The male lead in the film was given up by his parents, leaving him fragile, and then later the film’s protagonist, Alison Brie, dropped the guy like a bad habit as well. What does this lead up to? Brie telling the guy’s fiancé that she shouldn’t sacrifice anything for “some guy.” This is supposed to be an INSPIRING speech to a female audience and a WARNING to males in the audience that they are disposable and their feelings don’t matter. What is America’s Ferrera’s whiny little speech compared to that?!

    The Brie/Franco script makes a point of giving the guy in the film a sympathetic background ENTIRELY for the sake of telling the female audience that his feelings DO NOT MATTER ANYWAY because this is the era of female rule. According to Brie/Franco, men should either get with the program – which is to be self-sacrificing betas to alpha women – or prepare to be discarded.

    The difference between how “Somebody” and “Barbie” approaches men is an actually existing difference in real would feminism. Idiots who demonize the moderate feminism of “Barbie” risk driving women into the chilly female-supremacism advocated by Brie and her beta husband.


    1. Doctor Dick


      I love your analysis of both films. I am a woke faggot who loves to get ass fucked and LOVE barbie, Ryan Reynolds looked so hotttt in the film I nearly shit myself.

      I don’t understand your argument but if you ever want a faggot to fuck I,m always available we can watch Kim Kardasian as you rail my asshole with your micro cock, or we alternatively we could watch Ryan baby in barbie and I sipuck your tiny dick, your choice.


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