23 thoughts on “Lizzo Leaves Little to the Imagination Exiting Cardi B’s 29th Birthday Party (48 Photos)


    What’s up with her tits? There’s an 8 inch gap between them and her sagging nipples point inwards. No one wants to see this, absolutely foul

  2. Jebus

    The way she’s celebrated is fucking disgusting. I agree that body shaming is bad, but celebrating her because she chooses to be morbidly obese, which is very unhealthy, is just as bad.

  3. King Neptune

    Imagine the irreparable damage this would do to a kid. Don’t know how the camera didn’t fucking explode when the viewfinder found this fucking disgusting abomination.

  4. JrSalami

    Jesus someone needs to call this disgusting WHORE a FAT DISGUSTING PIG…..stop callin’ her “BRAVE” or “REAL WOMEN” ….

  5. The LEGIT Fame Whore

    Nothing and I repeat NOTHING is sexy or attractive about being fat. Literally. The male human brain is attracted to fit women with wide hips that will give birth to healthy babies. This whale would probably eat them as soon as they come out if she doesn’t have a Whopper waiting bedside for her. That’s assuming she doesn’t have a heart attack giving birth. Teaching kids to embrace things like this is literally telling kids to embrace diabetes and early-onset heart failure. When the ignorant fools in this world are dead and gone, things will be so much better for everyone/everything on earth.

  6. yeah

    Who told this fat cunt it was a good idea to wear that outside. Quick someone get this girl hooked on coke. She needs it.


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