10 thoughts on “Lily-Rose Depp Goes Braless in a See-Through Top (20 Photos)

  1. Brian Spenser

    Johnny Depp’s failed abortion walking the streets.

    Dat show she did wit da weekend…..dumb AF. Da weekend is bi, him an Nick Cannon 69 each other. Da weekend eats butthole. I heard dat one superbowl he was going to both locker rooms wanting to taste sweat man ass. His ex said he liked it when she strapped on a dildo and rode his ass.

    F ing dis chick is like sleeping with everyone Johnny Depp had sex with.

  2. Carlos T. Jackal

    She’s got her mom’s nice skinny body without the janky teeth and her dad’s super-famous so you’d think she could write her own ticket to stardom. But that stupid series she did (“The Idol”) might’ve torpedoed her career before it really got started. It certainly didn’t help in any case.

  3. Amber Heard

    Fuck this backstabbing bitch! I tried to be a loving mother, but she is the devil’s child!

    And go see “Aquaman 2” you misogynist motherfuckers! The baby is killed, but I survive!!! Where is my spin-off??? White misogynist Hollywood is trying to ruin my career! Cocksuckers!!!



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