9 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Hot (5 Photos)

  1. Spankmaster

    All the gutter whores here are out in force, hoping to be more fucked up than what they already are. How about we just flush the whole family down the sewer and then forget them entirely? It certainly works for me and I’m sure I’m not alone with these thoughts…

    1. Doctor Dick

      A truly beautiful woman. Probably the hottest in the world. No doubt the faggots will be jacking off to melon head and hoping she pops her balls out.

      1. peter dobson

        If I had the power to select a person for you dickie it would be danniella westbrook. That’s the only person that’s pretty enough for you to fuck. And we all would be very happy for you. But for now, just die

  2. Ay Papi

    Her friend on the left is hotter than her, so I would smash her first and empty my balls, she probably would get pregnant. Kim could watch but don’t touch.


  3. Disgruntled Werewolf

    Hey, young girls! Don’t believe what your mother tells you! Being a fucking whore does pay off in the end!


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