18 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner Poses for a New Calvin Klein’s Holiday Collection (6 Photos)

  1. peter dobson

    What a fucked-up family this is. Where are the Salem times when you could just accuse them of witchcraft and get rid of them. But now, they are just like a creepy virus

    1. Spankmaster

      Bring back the bonfire business I say for law and order purposes. It might not do much to improve our carbon emission atmosphere, but it certainly would improve our society in getting ridding of this extremely degenerative fucking gene pool. The Turks had the right idea…

      1. Big Mick

        Dr Dick

        Only a woke libetard, non binary, faggot could think the kardasians/jenners are hot, or even women for that matter. Dockie has clearly transitioned as a tgirl, you must have been drooling when you found out they surgically attached a huge cock and pair hairy balls onto kim

        Dockie I always knew you where a faggot but a woke left wing Liberal non binary justice warrior, for fuck sakes. Dockie get your head straight, the deviant and degenerate faggortery your displaying would even make bruce/kaitlynn jenner sick

        I said what needed to be said

          1. Doctor Dick

            Good to see you thanking Big Mick for the arse fucking. And thanking the Turks too. A notorious bunch of arse fuckers. The Jenners are unworthy of the Kardashian status. Your Top 5 Jessica Alves, Freddie Mercury, Marc Almond, Kim Jong Un, Machine-gun Kelly. My Top 5. Gal Gaddot, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian. You are mega faggots.

          2. Doctor Dick


            I have attacked you with no foundation to as you can see me for who I am. Jessica Alves, Freddie Mercury, Marc Almond, Kim Jong Un, Machine-gun Kelly have all ass fucked me, I am a total cock hungry bum slut.

            Gal Gadot is the only real woman I admire because she is woke inclusive and likes big cocks like me.

            I am the MEGA faggot not you, i apologise, i get angry when i see what i have become, if you had to lick russel brands cum out of jessica alves asshole you would be angry too.

            I hate myself because I am a simp cock sucking soy boy faggot who wants to be kim kardasian.

          3. Big Mick

            Clearly that is in error. It is I, Big Faggot Mick who loves to suck cock. Doctor Dick is an hetrosexual stud lusted after by Gal Gadot. I by contrast long to fuck Kim Jong Un with all my body hair removed, while Machine Gun Kelly, Marc Almond, Freddie Mercury, and Spankmaster fill my ass with cum. I am a MEGA FAGGOT.

          4. Big Mick

            I am the real Big Mick, I love hot women and am 100% straight. Doctor continues to use my name to try znd make me look like him, I am a faggot.


          5. Spankmaster

            Those of you here who love to get arse fucked by anyone other than me, good luck and leave me out of it. Those of you here who expect me to do it, get industrial strength intensive therapy now as you all clearly need it. For everyone else, especially Dockie, all his split personalities and that extremely fraudulent fuckfaced fag who aims to be me with my name, just fucking die already. There we are, both reality check free of charge and problem solved…

      1. Spankmaster

        I thought those guys with a half a bottle of methylated spirits or turpentine get the biggest discount. I mean, we are talking about the ultimate gutter experience…


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