Jennifer Lopez is Seen Leaving a Workout in Studio City (148 Photos)

Superstar Jennifer Lopez was seen leaving a gym in Studio City swiftly making her way to a waiting vehicle right at the door, 11/30/2023. Her efficient transition from workout to departure showcased her busy lifestyle and commitment to fitness.

Jennifer looked absolutely fit wearing sunglasses, a pink turtleneck sweater, pink leggings, and a pair of white trainers.



5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez is Seen Leaving a Workout in Studio City (148 Photos)

  1. Racists for Trump

    My plumber buddy got a call from the gym later the same day asking if he could come around and unplug the toilet after jennifer clogged with a 12 pound shit.

  2. Father Coldfinger

    I think her ass shrunk a bit. Which is great news for everyone except n33333gs who love their “hottentot Venus” asses that used to be part of traveling freakshows in the late 1800’s. That’s right, having a Kim Kardashian ass back then was on par with bearded ladies and the Elephant Man. And now people get ass implants to look like those freaks. Goodbye civilization, fun times were had.


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