Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Curves in LA (39 Photos)

Get ready to feel the heat of LA ’cause Jennifer Lopez is bringin’ the fire! This MILF is sizzlin’ in some yoga pants, showin’ off her killer ass and a seductive cameltoe.

Jennifer Lopez, who’s 54 but ageless as ever, was spotted outside the dance studio in Los Angeles lookin’ super sexy in those high-waisted yoga pants. It’s a sight you don’t wanna miss!


16 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Her Curves in LA (39 Photos)

          1. Doctor Dick

            But if Granny looked like that. She would be getting some extra, decent, big cock. Happy Granny.

          2. BigBallz

            BigBallz is my fucking name. Who the fuck stole my screen name? You fucking cunt – go make up your own name….like…how about…ImmaPussy.

          3. BigBallz

            You tell him! Fucking imposter, get your own fucking name!
            Probably a fucking jooo, or a pumpkinheaded negroid.

            Leave our name alone!!!


    La costura delantera de su calza no alcanza a disimular el tremendo cameltow de esta mujer, de lo cual ella es perfectamente consiente.

  2. Brian Spenser

    Her pussy is loose. I bet Ben Affleck can’t even feel her when he goes in. She’s a bitch too. No one’s favorite move is a JLO movie.


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