Geraldine Kemper, Gaby Blaaser & Fockeline Ouwerkerk Nude (5 Photos)

Check out Geraldine Kemper, Gaby Blaaser and Fockeline Ouwerkerk’s nude photos. All of the pictures are from the August edition of “Linda” (Dutch glossy).

Geraldine & Fockeline

Geraldine & Fockeline

Geraldine & Fockeline

Gaby Blaaser

Geraldine Kemper

12 thoughts on “Geraldine Kemper, Gaby Blaaser & Fockeline Ouwerkerk Nude (5 Photos)

  1. Fame Whore

    Nude magazines used to be for women in their early 20s:

    But now:
    Fockeline Ouwerkerk (age 41),
    Gaby Blaaser (age 36),
    Geraldine Kemper (age 32).

  2. Spankmaster

    This reminds me of the nude wives and girlfriends section of those tatty porn mags, except those magazines seem to have a great deal more class…

    1. peter dobson

      I don’t really get the dutch girls either and my wife doesn’t like them so we’ll take a hard PASS on these girls. NEXT!!!!

      1. Doctor Dick

        Hang on a moment Peter, did you not say that Princess Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria of the Netherlands, was your Princess. I thought you were a fellow Dutchman. Dag peter, Spank meesters heeft zijn pik er weer uit gehaald. Zoek dekking


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