127 thoughts on “Emily Ratajkowski Nude – treats! Outtakes (10 Photos)


          your grandma said you left your dick pump at her house again.

          faggot. quit being so fucking MAGA.


          1. Biden my toes

            Joe Biden?!.. Holy shit hey everyone, we got Joe Biden over here looking at nude girls! Joe Biden be like, “your grandma said you left your dick pump over at corn pops house again… You know the thing, poor kids are just as smart as white kids, but we got cockroaches dancing on Mars! Aaaahhh! Where am I, who am I, oh shit, I’m mad Joe Biden!”

        2. sly phyllis


          “Woke” retards ain’t hot. Sticking my dick in a cheese grater would be less painful than putting up with her stupid shit…

          1. Maverick

            I don’t believe men like you. Men said the same thing about Jane Fonda. But if she was lying naked on the bed, NO MAN would pass up fucking her. If you do, you’re just gay.

            Sorry, but I don’t fuck women based on what they believe. I couldn’t care less what women think. Liberal, conservative, white, black–they all feel the same in the dark.

          1. thefappeningblog.com

            No matter what name you use (Tom Jones, Pyrite, Hollywood Destroys Women, etc.), you will always be an ignorant, overweight, and sexless husk of a boy.

      1. Tom Jones is an islamic extremist

        Go back to your islamic extremist butt buddies and let the straight men handle this.

      2. Jessie Cantor

        Her looks?
        Her body?
        I lost attraction in her a long-long time ago. It has nothing to do with age. She has ZERO class. I’d pick Diane Lane over her any day of the week and she’s twice the age of Miley!

      3. peacefulbass

        lol she’s as hot as ever, and still needs to eat a couple of hamburgers, but I’ll let that slide as I slide into her.

      1. Jessie Cantor

        Fuckin idiot. You’re blind or have horrible taste I’m females.
        Face: 0/10
        Tits: 0/10
        Ass: 0/10
        Pussy: 0/10 (her vagina has flies all over it and it stinks ☠)

    1. Maverick

      Ass? WHAT ass? Emily has no ass! Even for a white girl, she’s more assless than usual.

      You guys around here love asslessness so much, you don’t know an ass (or lack thereof) when you see it.

      Ass: 1.5

    2. Abyzou

      These posts are ridiculous, don’t you tell me that every second man wouldn’t fuck such a woman? 4/10 face? the 7/10 butt? Joke! You want to be able to stand by such a woman next to you and see her towel naked in your room … expect too much of the perfect when perhaps she is the one closest to the perfect.

  1. Albert Florit

    Shes a 9 all across maybe 9.5…I dont care how many people banged her, If she let me I wouldnt come outside till she told me I had to leave…

    1. disappointing

      simps like this guy is why women behave the way they do. they’re not the real problem, guys like him are.

      1. wawa

        Aye. Once AI and robots become a thing men will be able to create women in their own perfect image. Then women will panic, then change their tune quickly.

        Until then women will women and simps will simp.

    2. Jessie Cantor

      She’s a ZERO.
      Go ahead and bang her, ya fucking retard.
      I hope you catch her diseases, waste away from a pain related venereal disease and rid yourself from this world.
      Cannot fucking STAND boys like you. Go stick your 1 inch dick in a pencil sharpener. Retard.

      1. peacefulbass

        Go away faggot. She’s got a damn near perfect body. Sex is the most natural thing in the world, take your simp ass back to the fucking monastery and let we’ll take it over from here.

    1. Serena Williams's Third Leg

      Spreading your legs for Hollywood execs is considered talented these days? (¬_¬)

      1. thefappeningblog.com

        No matter what name you use, you will always be an ignorant, overweight, and sexless husk of a boy.

  2. The Rock

    Looking at 95% of the other skanks posted on her has made me appreciate the RatKow all the more. Great body and not afraid to show it. She knows her role.

  3. Alabaster Chrome

    For god’s sake, someone clone her, STAT!

    We need an army of Emily’s.

    Stunning beauty, and pussy doesn’t look all busted. It seems the really hot ones have totally wrecked cooches from being pounded 10 times a day since they were 10.

    1. ABCZYX

      That’s a myth bro. Some cooches just look busted and some don’t. Don’t think she did’t geet pounded 10 times a day since she was 10.

  4. Mr. Loopy

    I love your eyes and adore your smile.
    I cherish your ways and i enjoy your style.
    What can i say…
    Your one of a kind and always on my mind x

  5. MTBF

    Anybody saying Emily isn’t 10/10 – let’s see pics of whatever it is you’re banging, even if it isn’t human. Or if it’s just your hand.

    1. Maverick

      How can a female be 10/10 when she has no ass whatsoever? She’s all tits, no ass. Sorry, but if you actually have sex, you’d know how much more valuable ass is than just tits alone.

    1. nutsforsluts

      Just fuckin’ around as usual, folks! Emily is actually the most unbelievably gorgeous and charming woman I’ve ever had the unique pleasure to meet. Absolute 10/10.

  6. Dirk Diggler (Genital Jiggler)

    Very nice but like a lot of females now days her pussy needs a landing strip.

  7. iron bull

    I love that fucking beautiful body ass , soft big tits with beautiful nips soft skin great ass . My cock is twitching for this broad!

  8. HunkyBillionaire69

    Dirt under her fingernails in the color pic. Weird. I mean the dude’s nails are squeaky clean like he just had the Queer Eye fags do his manicure, while RatKow’s nails look like she stuck all her fingers upp her ass before picking her nose and then driving straight to the shoot.

    1. Cholesterolex

      Her toenails are dirty too. This bitch is bag lady level dirty. Prolly stanks like fermented herring. Might be why her acting gigs dried up quickly. Hadn’t showered for 3 months and the crew had to be hospitalized for stank injuries.

      1. And Yet ...

        You would cut off three of your own fingers for the chance to enter a lottery in which the prize was a couple of her used tampons.

    1. You like ‘em Big.

      We thought you were straight right up until you typed: Face 4.
      So, I guess we never thought you were straight.

    2. Maverick

      I guess you guess don’t know what an ass is. Emily has many assets. An ass is simply not one of them.

      She’s probably the most assless creature in fame today.

      Seriously, you guys, expand your horizons. Go look at women with actual ass on them. Her tits aside, Emily’s a string bean, from head to toe.

  9. zed redd

    Are you kidding me? She’s a piece of ass if there ever was one. I’d bury my face so deep in that ass there’d be no worry about the Coronavirus or anything else. All you’d see would be my ears. Can you imagine putting some lube on your wang and having her bounce those tits on the fucking thing? If you wouldn’t run a mile in Alaska during January only wearing a thong to fuck her maybe you ought to think about the possibility of becoming a eunich. She is almost in that rare category inhabited by very few in the history of time {the “I’d eat her shit” category} but she’s close. She’s knockin’ on the door and that’s one of the highest compliments any man can give.

    1. Maverick

      She’s a piece of tits and a nice face. She doesn’t have an ass. She’s attractive, but ass-wise? She’s way too skinny. Her legs aren’t all that, either. If weren’t for her tits, everyone would be saying she’s a bit too skinny.

  10. Penis into VaginaZ

    Fuckin hot hot hot! Even tho those pussy lips looks like Homer Simpsons mouth. I’ll fucking suck on that pussy and asshole all night !

  11. Bolly

    No. No way.

    Fuckin bollywood face: 4/10
    Too big tits: 6/10
    Ass is quite nice: 8/10
    Pussy as average: 7/10

  12. Bolly

    Her face is as bollywood and Apu of the simpsons. It’s like a mashed bread roll. Maybe fuckable, but I’d keep looking at her pussy. Because even her tits aren’t that erecting. No penis in my mouth, I’m just used to better girls than her.

  13. FuckJ&M

    So many muslim whoredogs and indian cowfucking women abusers in the comments. Why the fuck are you even here if you don’t want to see naked women. I see you white supremist sisterfuckers also.

    Go on with you Muhammad faggetry and christian goatfucking.
    Leave the page if you don’t like it. Easy.

  14. NakedGirlLover

    How I would rate each body part:
    Legs – 7/10
    Face – 8/10
    Ass – 9/10
    Pussy – 8.5/10
    Tits – 10/10

  15. No Fake Shit

    Her face is a 9 hands down & we are all judging a woman who is a goddess in comparison to everyone judging her on this link along with me… If she even made eye contact with any one of you, you’d nut all in your pants

  16. kujon

    “Too big tits” is impossible phrase.
    Amúgy meg Rajtakovszki lesz az, én is rajta lennék szívesen.

  17. Nunya

    None of you faggots could ever even get a woman this hot to look ur way so keep dreaming and putting her down like she gives a fuck!

  18. Tit Slapper special

    You mother sister fucker fellow perverts are incredibly entertainingly funny with your ruthless post and calling each other faggots and simps. GENUINELY. I admit I love reading that shit. I especially liked that comment where the guy said “just because she’s not your cousin doesn’t mean she’s a 0” lmao.

    Emily isn’t anything incredibly special, but I’m a big fan of her coochie, it looks untainted, even if she’s been fucked 276 times last year, she can lie to me right before I slide my cock in that wet slit, and I wouldn’t be mad, because what she doesn’t know is I’m fucking her slutty Hollywood friends also behind her back :)

    My ratings:
    Pussy: 9.5/10
    Face: 8
    Tits: 9
    Ass: 7.5


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