Dua Lipa Displays Her Beauty in a Hot Shoot by Tyrell Hampton (9 Photos)

Check out the seductive vibes of the UK singer Dua Lipa as she rocks a low-cut dress without a bra, showing off her flawless beauty in the captivating shoot by Tyrell Hampton.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dualipa/

16 thoughts on “Dua Lipa Displays Her Beauty in a Hot Shoot by Tyrell Hampton (9 Photos)

  1. God

    There was one single isolated incident in which a straight, sexually active man joked that Dua Lipa is male. It has not happed a second time and perhaps never will.

      1. Big Mick

        Doctor Dick rider,
        Embrace your LGBTQIA++++ side, God has pointed out one isolated incident that obviously wasn’t you so don’t get upset. It appears you came out of the closet many years ago probably to suck kim kardasians massive cock

          1. The faggot finder general

            Again we have a similar reaction to Taylor Swift where the homosexual (Doctor Dick) makes hostile and intolerant remarks about Dual Lipa who is obviously a woman. Yet we see how he worships Megan Fox in the hope of having a homosexual relationship with Machinegun your ass Kelly. The actions of a tranny lover who enjoys sucking massive cocks down at the gaybar.

          2. Spankmaster

            Dockie loves all things tranny. He will never get enough of anyone with a large dick in their frock who gets to fuck his cosmically gaping arsehole, while giving his incredibly tiny dick a reach around. It’s a lifestyle only he could have while listening to his huge Mark Almond collection. Che sera sera…

          3. Doctor Dick

            I see TFFG and Spanker arrive together, Coincidence. I think not. Both still have a mouth full of cum. Probably been sucking off this Albanian dude in a dress.

  2. Dylan Mulvaney

    I just love his outfits!!! Simply divine!

    I must know were he buys them, and how he has them tailored for proper and comfortable “tucking”.
    You know what I’m talking about girls! Hee Hee!!!!

      1. Big Mick

        Doctor Dick sucker

        I see you are supportive of Dylan mulvaney and Dua lipa, it’s ok you can suck their dicks as kim kardasians pounds you. Keep drinking butt light and soy milk your estrogen levels must be at peak tranny levels

        1. Spankmaster

          Big Mick, I agree entirely. It’s no wonder Dockie’s adventures at the harbour having been causing severe international incidents…


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