14 thoughts on “Daisy Ridley Sexy (6 Photos)

  1. peter dobson

    I feel sorry for her breasts. 1 cupsize and it would look so much better. 2 Cupsizes and she would be hot. She already has the little bubble-butt.

    1. Brian Spenser

      Yo man, you like that fugly bag of bones? You gay as. Dat chick got a light saber in her pants, she a dude.

      She ain’t even good looking, she looks like a student teacher that is failing her certification.

      I couldn’t tell her and Tom Holland apart in dat one movie they look so much alike. I want an hour into dat movie before I realized that it wasn’t Brokeback Mountain 2.

      1. Taylor

        Are you the one who is not attracted to a beautiful woman, and yet you say that anyone who is attracted to her is gay? Dude, you are ultra gay


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