Celebrities Nude Beach Collection (20 Photos)

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Summer’s over, which means the beach season is over, too. Every year, famous women get naked in public, accustoming fappers with their tits. This is not a complete list of naked celebrities sunbathing. The list below shows the top 20.

№20 Miranda Kerr

miranda kerr nude

Many people forget, but before Miranda Kerr married Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, she was just another Victoria’s Secret model showing her bare tits on the beach for attention.

№19 Margot Robbie

margot robbie nude

Margot lost her ponts for covering her face in this pic and for forcing the paparazzi to photograph her from a bad corner.

№18 Shay Mitchell

shay mitchell nude

The “Pretty Little Liars” actress Shea Mitchell is surprisingly not ashamed of her small tits.

№17 Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue nude

Believe it or not, this pic of topless Kylie Minogue was taken 15 years ago when the ageless pop star was only 52 years old.

№16 Meghan Markle

meghan markle nude

Before becoming a popular British princess, Megan Markle had no problem showing her breasts to everyone.

№15 Penélope Cruz

penelope cruz nude

Penelope showed her tits to the papaprazzi when she was resting on the beach.

№14 Kelly Rohrbach

kelly rohrbach nude

Kelly Rohrbach didn’t show her bare top part in the film “Baywatch.” Maybe it helped the movie. But based on her chest on that picture, she probably would have “exploded” anyway.

№13 Alyssa Milano

alyssa milano nude

Actress Alice Milano is used to running around the beach naked.

№12 Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart nude

Lesbian Kristen Stewart is not shy about her body while relaxing with friends.

№11 Uma Thurman

uma thurman nude

Uma’s boobs look like it was hit by a wave… or maybe it was just Quentin Tarantino after one of his drunks.

№10 Ashley Benson

ashley benson nude

Ashley could have taken a higher place, but she lost points because her natural breasts were blurred.

№9 Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz nude

Cameron Diaz was photographed topless on the beach after having just filmed “There’s Something About Mary.”

№8 Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus nude

Naturally, Miley gave fappers a good, clear look at her bare breasts.

№7 Elsa Pataky

elsa pataky nude

“Fast and Furious” actress Elsa Pataki’s fake tits looked better.

№6 Rita Ora

rita ora nude

Rita Ora still claims to be a singer, but a lot of fappers have seen her naked than they could remember one of her songs.

№5 Sophie Turner

sophie turner nude

Actress Sophie Turner may be the “Queen of the North” but her boobs are going South.

№4 Kelly Brook

kelly brook nude

The only reason Kelly Brook doesn’t take a higher place is because she’s shown her boobs so many times… Well, the fact that she was on the Fappening list.

№3 Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski nude

Emily Ratajkowski’s perfectly formed, funny milk bags also suffered in the ranking because of the huge amount of naked stuff.

№2 Natalie Portman

natalie portman nude

Natalie got bonus points for being popular, never giving fappers any other quality nudity, and (most importantly) still being a teenager in this picture at St. Barts beach (as she was 19 years old). Thus, landing her №2 on our list.

№1 Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston nude

Perhaps the most underrated picture of a naked celebrity in history. This is Jennifer Aniston’s topless pic with her famous rock-hard nipples on full screen on the beach in Mexico (1999). The only reason this photo is no longer known is because at that time Jennifer wanted to delete the content through court, but the Internet never forgets.

54 thoughts on “Celebrities Nude Beach Collection (20 Photos)

  1. DieterHatesCrapper

    “Believe it or not, this pic of topless Kylie Minogue was taken 15 years ago when the ageless pop star was only 52 years old.”

    Considering she’s only 51 now…that’s a pretty neat trick.

    Check your facts, dumbass.

          1. DicksInYourSlushie

            When you take this stuff word-for-word directly from CelebJihad, you don’t look at the typos.

      1. Greg

        Typo-shrypo! When you write sth for the public to read, you should check 20 x if everything is correct, because it influences people’s opinion, so if you write that KM was 52 y.o. 15 years ago, means she is 67 now and young readers who don’t know much about her shall believe it. Finding out that this was false will make them suspicious about reading anything on the internet and one day may result in not believing and not following important information which may affect their health or life. It’s such a shame that people do not care what they put out to the public today and how much garbage there is on-line.

        1. Clicky Dick

          “Typo-shrypo! When you write sth for the public to read, you should check 20 x if everything is correct, because it influences people’s opinion…”

          Quite right! Because heaven forbid someone be exposed to inaccuracies while jerking off to some actress’s tits on the internet.

      2. Herman Ziegler

        All of these self righteous morons thinking their grammar, diction and spelling is so perfect. FUCK YOU! People DO make mistakes, dumb fuckers.

      1. Dieter

        People are welcome to put cock and balls in this mouth, not words. Hate is such a strong word. I disagree a lot with crapper and I wish he’d include more cock in the posts, but I don’t hate him. Despite not being the best linguist in his post description, he does excel at analingus.

  2. Dieter

    Not sure why I didn’t make this list crapper? My moobs are very pleasing to the eye with my dark caramel colored amoeba shaped areolas the size of dinner platters that are uniquely Dieter. And, they are natural, not bolt on. There is nothing fake about Dieter….except the fake Dieter that trolls me.

  3. Scarecrow13

    Margot is in 19th position, but in the 2016 survey she is in first place. Your topless has one of the best qualities, but Sophie, who just arrived, is already in position 5.

  4. Donald J. Trump: Faggot

    No one gives a fuck except you, shitbird. Celebjihad is for fucktards lke you, it saves the rest of us from giving them any clicks.

  5. DanL

    Ashley Benson’s tits are not natural. Real boobs don’t look like that. I would rather real tits on the floor that fake one’s poking my eyes. IMO

  6. William

    Jen Aniston pic has to be the most underrated picture of celebs in history! There are creeps out there desperate to a naked picture of her. And you have it! Congratulations pal and most of all THANK YOU!!!!


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