Alexandra Stan Poses Naked on the Beach (12 Photos + Video)

Check it out! Our girl Alexandra Stan just dropped some fire pics and a vid straight from the set of her latest music video, “Bine cu puțin rău”.

They were shooting at Yurtaa Beach, and let us tell you, she was serving major hotness! She went topless, but kept it classy by covering her goods with her hands. But hey, we’ve seen her in all her glory before, so she’s got nothing to hide from us, right? Gotta give props to her though, she was totally slaying with her killer body and sexy vibes. She definitely came prepared for this shoot and was looking hella fine!


6 thoughts on “Alexandra Stan Poses Naked on the Beach (12 Photos + Video)

  1. JG

    The first photo reminds me of the time when the wife and I went sailing in Marina del Rey. We grind a little and had a close call with another sailor. Since then, I don’t get naked anymore and just make her sit on my face.

  2. Severin

    In the third pic it looks like she’s channeling the great Lily-Rose Depp from Sam Levinson’s masterpiece “The Idol.”

    Haven’t heard anything from her that caught my attention for awhile, but she’s been making my dick hard since “Lollipop.” All success to her.


  3. Real Sj

    Anyone know who that delicious guy is? I need his instagram immediately!!! I’d so love to wrap my lips around his fat cock! I want to do it now!!!


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