15 thoughts on “Victoria Summers Topless (4 Pics + Video)

  1. TrollingDougisathing

    Please stop with the pornstar/instagram/mailand posts.
    I’d rather have fewer updates on the site, than a new post every time a c-list celebrity dares to step outside without a bra.

    But who am I kidding? You’re running a business, not a service. All those clicks matters, yo!

  2. theSwede

    You implement an “anti-spam” thing to improve the site, but still you upload shit like this? 1) She isn’t sexy, 2) she isn’t famous/celeb, 3) She is a pornstar so this isn’t exclusive or unusual to find about her.

    Clean out your fucking closet

  3. BillCosby

    Is the person running this site seriously watermarking pictures that THEY DON”T EVEN OWN with the website’s URL? This site went to trash when he started posting cam whores as “celebs” but this is legitimately ridiculous. Done with this site.

    1. Ladies, Don’t drink the wine

      Yes, the pudding rapist who likes spiking wine is right. Don’t watermark shit that’s not yours. Also a pornstar is NOT a celeb. Fuck man, if you’re desperate for content there are tons of actual celebs/models that are real celebs who post shit basically daily. Use that, not fuckin escorts you twat.

  4. Pussies

    So just scroll post it you fucking faggots. If they weren’t posting anything you’d complain about that to. Piss of to another site then!

  5. K

    Such an angry bunch on here. Is this anger coming from yous holding your loads for months at a time waiting for your dream celebrity leak?


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