10 thoughts on “Victoria Justice Sexy (20 Photos + Video)

  1. AJ

    Moderator, please be so kind to point out the sexy in these pics. My eyes must be failing me. I see a blurry stick bones, wrapped in cut up garbage bag.

    1. klawick

      Yes…YOUR opinion on sexy is what matters. Because women in shape makes you scared since they could kick your ass.

  2. Brutus

    Would have been nice I guess if the pics weren’t taken from 3.5 miles away. I was able to jerk off to her show then this crap

    1. James Coopman

      Lol, the pics are from high quality and you are able to crop them… so you just have her on photo… which I believe is exactly what you want, ofcourse, if you are to lazy, then it’s all on you… Coz I’m cropping those bastards lol


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