3 thoughts on “Shanina Shaik See Through (21 Photos)

  1. Drunken Stepfather

    I never remember who Shanina Shaik is. She’s just that important and relevant…

    I sometimes assume she is Irina Shayk’s poo colored sister. You know the one that her dad made with some Pakistani cleaning lady who ended up in Moscow…but I have a feeling she may just be a totally different Shaik, just doing the same thing as the other Shaik, half naked modeling….

    When I fist saw the pics, I thought it was Zoe Kravitz or Black Chyna, or someone else who wouldn’t be considered a racist for her dread locks, but I guess since Shanina Shaik has fucked black dudes like Tyson Beckford, she has the right….

    I figure if you sacrifice your cunt for the black cock, you are an honorary African Queen…

    Point being, this is her silly Coachella Outfit for you to jack off to…


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