20 thoughts on “Scout Willis Naked (3 Photos)

    1. Capt. Obvious

      Looks more like it was a breast life rather than reduction. There’s usually a visible scar around the nipple where it was repositioned after the reduction.

  1. CK

    I know, maybe there’s something wrong with me and I need years of therapy, but I happen to find all three of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters hot. They’re sexy, and I would enjoy seeing them naked at every opportunity, but that may just be me. 😛

  2. Ratchet

    that pit hair, aside from being thicker than my own, can only mean one thing.. she’s a sjw. Maybe there’s still hope for Rumer.

  3. Roy Rogers Mcfreely

    I think Rumer is kind of hot and Tallulah has a good body but her head ain’t the greatest.I am not a fan of Scout though.

  4. Andreas

    the prettiest one in the bunch with a great body, nice and tight and what funbags she has….looks better than her siblings by far…..

  5. Severin

    I’d fuck her mercilessly and cum right on one of her hairy armpits. I hope that all of the guys obsessed with women being “natural” are praising that hair growth btw.


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