13 thoughts on “Sarah Hyland Topless (2 Pics + Gif & Video)

    1. harriscandoit

      Deff agree with the whore part. Her leak was insane. Threesomes and lesbo activity. Yet tries to play the good girl lol

      1. klawicki

        The threesome pictures was quite obviously not her. (always great when the “proof” clearly disproves the point.) And Oh noes! lesbianism! For someone who you claim tries to “play he good girl!” No! The humanity! You can’t be a girl girl and be a lesbian!

        Seriously..if you have ever wondered why you ill never lose your virginity, read your comment here. That is why.

  1. mr freeze

    People talking about her previous fappening pics, sharing a dick and the lesbo stuff, those were both fakes. The dick sharing one with the faces blurred out had no tattoo on her neck and the freckles ‘proof’ wasn’t proof at all, there was only one similar freckle but two others were missing in the blowjob pic. Plus if it was her there was no reason at all the person would have blurred out her face. That was just a tease to get people to download it. The only real pics in that set were the ones of her posing with her robe open in front of the mirror. That’s it, all the others were fakes of similar looking amateur porn sluts just thrown in to make it seem like it was more than it was.


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