9 thoughts on “Robyn Lawley – 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    1. Jack

      “Goddammit, wheres her nationality?”

      Four words – 34 characters including the spaces and punctuation marks
      Time – average
      Difficulty – average
      Effectiveness – 0%


      – Highlighting the name of the model
      – Copying with Ctrl+C
      – Opening new tab
      – Pasting with Ctrl+V
      – Hitting the Enter key
      – Reading her information on google

      Time – below average
      Difficulty – below average
      Effectiveness – 100%

      1. Duh-ggies world

        Lol. I applaud your effort in ridding this site of this repetitive idiot. Unfortunately being an idiot, Duh-ggie won’t comprehend.


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