8 thoughts on “Poll: Victoria Justice vs. Alexis Ren

  1. smh

    Yeah, pretty fair photo comparison. *rolls eyes*

    Would still be choosing Tori over almost anyone you would put in a poll here.

    1. L. Knight

      The VicTORious fan in me wnats to assume you used that name based on that character.

      The sane person in me says you did because it’s just one of her real life nicknames too.

      I’m going to let the fangirl in me assume the former.

      The random part of me is creying because Liz never got leaked at all.

      I would die a happy lesbianic stoner if that happened…

      See? Random.

  2. Mark

    I’ve never paid for pussy, but to fuck Alexis Ren I would take all my shit to the pawn shop immediately.


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