17 thoughts on “Poll: Sophie Turner vs. Rose Byrne

  1. Dude

    Oh come on, Pitting a 20 year old hot young sexy redhead against an averaging looking 40 year old woman. How is this fair. No offense to Rose at all I’d take a run at her but in comparison…..Not even close.

  2. Harry Bagina

    gee I don’t know Dude, average might be a little rough. they are both cute. to each their own I guess. cheers.

    1. Andreas Jr.

      Your everywhere, and it’s bettering, but that’s ok, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Makes my day. Please keep it up. Kind of makes me a Gawd. J.R.

      1. Andreas the cuckinator

        Yeah, gawdy cuck. The internet is a wonderful thing and memorializes all those wonderful posts. I’ve had incredible enjoyment exposing you for the little cuck you are and your little Christina ricci tantrum proves it.

  3. blackspacemonkey82

    hot damn there going to be a war tonight with
    my hand’s . the left hand say
    Sophie Turner, but the right say Rose Byrne.but
    the real question is who got the better voice to spank of too

  4. snipes

    Rose only reason people like the other is she is on game of thrones and is a red head otherwise she is very average looking.

    1. Harry Bagina

      Snipes as I said with the Dude average might be a little rough but since I know how you got your handle I won’t argue. cheers.


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