13 thoughts on “Poll: Crista Flanagan vs. Miranda Kerr

  1. Turlough

    I’ve no idea who this Christa woman is. She’s nice enough but Miranda Kerr is one of the hottest women on earth. It’s hardly a fair contest.

  2. Dudekid

    I’d fuck Miranda Kerrr 1,000 times then whatever her name is once just to remind myself of how good I’ve got it

  3. Klondike Pete

    I don’t know who the deuce these women are. I recognize the name Miranda Kerr, but that’s it. That Crista Flanagan definitely wins the titty race, though.

  4. Noyfb

    Not Fair.

    Do you want a Super Model or a Pin-Up Doll? Seriously these women are both equally hot but in separate catagories. Crista Flanagan is the safe bet, because most real hot celebs and models all have herpes. Google it, Derek Jeter is patient zero spreader that shat like wild fire.


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