12 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Sexy (6 Photos)

  1. Turlough

    I know something a bit weird has happened to her face recently (a face-lift, botox or just the effects of age?) but she can still be smoking hot on occasion. The body’s not bad, whatever else you might think…

  2. aaron

    she doesn’t look like olivia to me with the sunglasses on and bad res pics i can’t tell my opinion but they all look gorgeous in their bikinis

  3. Spankmaster

    Someone like this I will quite happily allow her to be as bitchy as she likes to me, especially where I am tied down to a bed and she gets to be all evil, nasty and wicked to me. And as I have this scenario planned for next week, then I will keep you all apprised of it…

      1. Spankmaster

        What, and ruin the surprise of what you will undoubtedly do to me? That wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me. I realise I’m not a gentleman anyway, but I refuse to be presumptuous of your evilness and wickedness, my mistress. So please, Olivia, just be nasty to me first and then I’ll boast about it later to everyone just to make you even more nasty. So stand back please, we have lift off…


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