16 thoughts on “Nina Dobrev Sexy (27 Photos)

  1. Devilman

    Look at the back of her thighs! To be that young and have had liposuction to try to get rid of fat. These women all look for the shortcut instead of just working out and flooding the fat the right way. They are all so lazy.

    1. pboi

      uhhh, ok fatass…when was the last u got off ur couch to do anything, let alone work out
      dumb, fat ass idiot

    2. Zippo

      she looks gret and I loved those pants and hint of toe…..what dop mean get off her fat ass? dumbass it’s nice and round and she exercising you jackass.

  2. MattyDawg

    I bet her pussy be stinky as shit in those workout pics. Alluah as my witness, I’d sniff the shit outta that and make her moan Akbar. Her workout clam probably spells so good you can jar the queefs and sell that shit on MySpace.

  3. Slayer1983

    For me she lost too much weight. Why do women always think they have to be thin like this? They loose all curves and boobs.

  4. Alex

    Nina’s the girl I want to see nude more than any other! The day she unveils her breasts would be a great one!


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