27 thoughts on “Maitland Ward Baxter Topless (10 New Pics)

  1. Thorn

    Look, i think she is fine as hell but EVERY DAMN DAY you upload pics of her and well they are unimpressive. What does this woman do for money? She would have to pay for these photos right?

  2. Sad, very sad

    First of all, this cow is not a real ginger. Just because she’s dyed her hair red, doesn’t make her a ginger. The drapes definitely don’t match the curtains. Secondly, she has fucking fake tits. Admittedly, they are not bolt on, so at least they look realistic. Finally, nonstop posting is truly sad and pathetic. I hardly find it even remotely attractive that she is so insecure she’s got to post so many pictures of herself everyday. She’s nothing but an insignificant irrelevant sad and pathetic attention whore. She’s right down on the list with Frenchy, Lisa Appleton, the KardTrashians. I’d rather see Lucy collet more frequently than this pig just for shits and giggles. At least we can guess what Lucy consumed in the last 24 hours that caused the latest ballooning that caused an increase a couple dress/moo moo sizes.

    Cue up the chubby chasers and losers that don’t know better…

  3. Spankmaster

    Keep these images coming, my good woman. Tease me like this until I cream my jeans exponentially. Stand back, please, we have lift off…

  4. MEandMYself

    lol @ all the nolife retards posting about how ugly she is. First of all, all of you would literally fuck yourself to death on her if she’d let you. Second of all, if you really dont like it, why are you giving it attention? Kinda counterproductive dont you think?

    Anyway, Maitland OP, keep her coming

  5. Captain Obvious

    You 15yr old virgins need to STFU – this is a real woman, the likes of which you’ll never know. She can do her makeup in my bathroom anytime – I’ll just slide inside her sweet holes from behind…

  6. WTF

    If any of you faggots are stupid enough to get married (hell, if any of you could even get a woman to begin with) you’d be lucky if the bitch was this hot by the time she hits 40. Ask any real man, better yet, just take a look around you when you’re not in your parent’s basement bitching on the internet about this woman posting pics. Hell, look at your own mom; chances are she’s fat disgusting pig. That’s what you have to look forward to. As for Maitland Ward post pics every day, that’s how she makes a living, get over it. That’s how a lot of wanna be celebrity trash whores in LA and Hollywood make money. Because fuckers like you follow them on social media and click on their stupid shit. You dumb-asses contribute to their six figure annual incomes just because they take pictures of their flat asses and post it. Quit bitching about it, you come across as snowflake butt hurt male feminists who take estrogen, identify as wimmins, and drink soy milk.

  7. Spankmaster

    I did Doug and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I also did a large number of other evil, nasty things to her, but it wouldn’t very gentlemanly of me say them. Although I’m not a gentleman, I just can’t be bothered to boast…


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