14 thoughts on “Lucy Hale Nude – Dude (2017)

  1. CK

    It looks like that leaked picture wasn’t a fluke, after all. Now she’s going bold and getting naked in films. It’s about time, too. I hope there’ll be more from her. She has great nipples sorta like Lizzy Caplan.

    1. wawee

      Probably. Chicks like that normally don’t have a career after a long running show like she was on. She probably got some offers pre-leak for topless scenes and she said no. Then the leaks came out and she’s like “well shit, people’s already seen em, so I might as well”

      1. Reaperman8807

        The movie was done filming Summer 2016, I think, and well before the leaks popped up on the internet. It was definitely before Fall 2016. I know it didn’t take long to film the movie. So the leaks didn’t happen while filming was still going on and she decided to go topless while filming the movie because leaked nude photos popped up on the internet and people were already seeing her topless. Plus was it ever said when she took the pics that got leaked? They could be old pics on her phone from 2014 or 2015 that finally got leaked in December 2016. But I think she never had a problem doing nude scenes and was willing to go nude/topless for roles. She tried out for Fifty Shades Of Grey, which required nudity based off of what was shown in the two Fifty Shades Of Grey movies. The leaks didn’t push her to go topless. Dude was already done filming WAY before her nude photos got leaked. And nothing was said about re-shoots.

  2. Severin

    Finally! She’s long been willing to do nudity (she wanted the starring “50 Shades” role). I really hope that the CW doesn’t take up all of her time and prevent her from shooting movies. Indie films are shorter shoots and regularly have nudity (much more so than mainstream films), so maybe that’s all she’ll have time to shoot, which would be a good thing. It’s just that it’s a real waste that she’s heading to network TV and not a premium channel or streaming service. Could you imagine if she got cast in something with as much nudity as “Banshee” or “True Blood”?

    1. Roger

      I would bet my life and yours that she tastes just like cotton candy.

      I would bet my life and yours that you’ve never touched Lucy Hale.


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