Lisa Appleton Nude (10 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Lisa Appleton, 49, knows how to please users as the Former Big Brother star poses in a fully nude raunchy display leaving nothing to the imagination on the island of Tenerife, Spain, 04/04/2018.


33 thoughts on “Lisa Appleton Nude (10 Photos)

  1. Pharoahegypt

    I quote….. “raunchy display leaving nothing to the imagination”…

    Yeah, except what her fanny looks like..!! another misleading click bait title by the main man!!

  2. GrammarCheckr

    She should hold that fan in front of her belly fat and let her pussy show, that’s about the only thing that would make any sense

  3. Prick James

    Wow, what is going on in the UK that this chick is “famous”??? And she did leave her pussy to our imagination…

    1. Jolly Roger

      This “chick” isn’t famous in the UK. This is the only place I’ve ever heard or seen her since her spell on Big Brother several years ago. Fucking ugly skank

  4. Clinton 2099

    She looks good enough to spitroast. If you know what I mean. I mean literally shove a fucking metal pole through her and an apple in her fucking mouth. Cook this fat pwiggy over a fire for a few hours.

    1. Cecki

      What a stupid way to look for attention… It’s obvious you don’t know what a true lady is though your might learn first it’s not good to say the things you said about other people that you don’t have any idea sometimes it’s only turns around giving back to you negative energy boy… And she’s a good baby you maybe gonna realize this one day.

  5. Matt Karris

    I still can’t get that image out of my head of that transgender half man half woman alien looking thing she went to the beach with a couple months back. The horror..

  6. joe

    Why would you post this? Clearly the guys that run this site are hardcore faggots who have no idea if a woman is attractive or not.

  7. Brutus

    I mean,we were doing good. We had sexy Rihanna,Jennifer Lawrence,then we get this FUCKING WHALE. What better way to kill to a hard cock then pictures of sea creatures walking fucking upright on land. Fucking manatee with a flapjack ass. Beluga whale bitch

  8. ole

    please xplain what the point is of posting such a fat, ugly, disgusting old cunt.

    still hotter than maitlin ward though

  9. WolvoExPunk

    That is 5ft 11 of pure plus sized pleasure for a real man to appreciate and enjoy. The haters here are all closet faggots.


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