Lady Victoria Hervey See Through (39 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2018 Here

Lady Victoria Hervey was spotted in a see-through black bikini on the beach in Barbados, 12/28/2017. Victoria Hervey is an English model and socialite. Born in – France. Age – 41.


10 thoughts on “Lady Victoria Hervey See Through (39 Photos)

  1. s.smith

    she needs to strat acting and dressing her age,talk about mutton dressed as lamb with that horiffic hair style,she looks about 60,lol

  2. JrSalami

    Don’t know who she is….but she has the body/face of someone who used to be much FATTER…and lose some weight…n had the money to wrap it up all n make it presentable.

  3. Wendy Shimmer

    Who is this old lady? She is fucking rats I would rather look at Mrs Doubtfire or a tranny.

    Always look left and right before you cross the street…

  4. The dude

    I personally find her attractive. I do have a thing for the Chelsea handlers and Helen hunts and Hellen mirrens and other slightly older naked nudes of the world. I encourage the older ladies to keep getting naked – I’m not complaining about any naked woman, personally, but I am EXTRA heterosexual, not that there’s anything wrong with the complainers on here if you know what I mean. Also, it could be a light trick, but I think Lady Victoria might have creamed up her swimsuit in one of those pics. Show me a younger girl doing that trick! The older ladies also tend to be better in sexual situations, honestly – the younger ones just take it for granted that every guy wants to set up house in their back door, which is true, but the slightly older ones maybe don’t take it for granted as much when some hot dog like myself comes along. Not that any of these ladies would give me a second glance, but in general I find older ladies to be a little more giving in the sack. So, hats off to them (oh, and keep the panties at your ankles, no complaints from this straight guy).


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