Lady Victoria Hervey Nip Slip (40 Photos)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

The infamous British aristocrat, socialite, and model Victoria Hervey caused a stir, appearing at the Fashion For Relief show during the 71st Cannes Film Festival in France in a candid outfit, 05/13/2018.

The 41-year-old celebrity was dressed in a “naked” gown, through which her breasts were clearly visible.

Of course, Hervey didn’t wear a bra and showed the public all her charms.


6 thoughts on “Lady Victoria Hervey Nip Slip (40 Photos)

  1. Brock_Lee

    EVERYONE! Do yourselves a favor…go to your favorite Search Engine! Do an Image Search for “Male Skull vs Female Skull.” Then, compare the pictures you get to the pictures of this “THING” above. This “thing” is NOT a woman! This is a man cross-dressing as a “woman.” Also, “her” ENTIRE skeletal structure belongs to a MAN!
    “Lady” Victoria, MY ASS! That there is “Lad” Victor, my friends! Don’t believe me…LOOK IT UP!

  2. s.smith

    There’s a lot of surgery gone into that face,silly bitch but then what else does she have in her pointless life if no one takes photos of her ?


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