Kylie Jenner Sexy (4 Photos + GIF)

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here

Just a few days ago, the latest issue of Forbes magazine with Kylie Jenner on the cover was released, and now the star of the reality show with her man Travis Scott photographed in a new photo shoot for the men’s edition of GQ.

The young mother posed in a black swimsuit, and the singer was dressed in a black striped suit and a white shirt. Jenner also gave an interview, which told about the relationship with the father of her child.


48 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Sexy (4 Photos + GIF)

  1. Disgust

    There is nothing more disgusting than a mudshark. There is nothing more disgusting than a Kardashian. These sentences are synonymous.

    1. Sheldon

      The Jews the Control Media are trying to destroy Caucasian lives trying to normalize black men with white women. It’s never any other racial types of couples, just black men with white women.

      Search and wake up

  2. Dizz

    Simply the ugliest family on earth. Kendall must have been adopted or something, but the rest of those Iranian whores need to fuck off back to “Allahu Akbar” land. Pointless wastes of skin and silicone.

  3. TheyLive

    Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They’re all about you! All around you!

  4. trump homo

    I would love to burn racists alive and listen to them cry like the pussy faggots they are before dying

  5. Monkeylover

    Disgusting nigger whore. The lowest level a white girl (or whatever half-Asian trash they are) can possibly sink to.

  6. Big Dick Jerome Johnson

    Lol who would have thought the comments for this would be filled with pussy e-coward racists? Let it all out online queers, because in the real world its back to being the the timid little bitches you actually are.

  7. Spankmaster

    This whole family – Kardashian and Jenner – need to be thoroughly fumigated… With hydrofluric acid. Whatever is left can be used as bait. And as the old saying goes – here today, shark shit tomorrow.

    Spankmaster has spoken

    1. guy

      “Spankmaster has spoken”

      I cannot think of a more pathetic thing that I’ve read online in the last year.

      1. Spankmaster

        You obviously don’t read very much then, do you? I mean, apart from your own verbal horseshit, you take pride in ignoring everything that is on this website, especially as you have you head so far up your arse, that daylight and air have become a memory to your deep brown world. Ah well, just be careful lighting matches where you are.

        And I like traffic lights…

    1. Hilary Cuntin

      HEADLINE: LOSERS living in parents basement feel need to defend celeb’s honor because they don’t like what other people think of them.

  8. Fuck You Trash

    Your first lady is a fuckin prostitute who married a dumb ass who she’s waiting to die for his money but yet you hate a young lady who MADE her own money because she’s dating a ” nigger”. THIS IS AMERICA

    1. Dizz

      This cunts sold nothing with talent, it’s the Kardashian name that’s made her a billion dollar company and that name was built up by Kim and her plastic ass. If her name was Kylie Smith, she wouldn’t be selling a billion dollars worth of lipstick, bitch would be struggling to give away $2 blowjobs on Hollywood Boulevard. The whole Kardashian family are no talent fucktards who lucked out…. don’t make them talented. They’re irrelevant as fuck.

    2. UrADumbass

      Made her own money ?

      You only know the bitchs name because her sister fucked a couple dudes on camera. Had Kim not been a total whore then no one would of known who these skanks are..

  9. Justin

    “My sisters only fuck black guys if i wanna be like them i guess i should too”. Kylie’s the most pathetic of the family cause shes had surgeries and all kinds of work done to try and look more like Kim and even went to the lengths of getting her a random black dude to fuck, shes so desperate to be like her older sisters its fucking pathetic.

  10. Megabigshaft

    The sand niggers can sleep with as many actual niggers as they want their just watered down versions anyway.. also that scar is ugly as fuck, she has money to inject her self with but can’t fix a scar. Boo you whore

  11. idiot

    hmm could be there some comments that might be considered racist(not judging you understand, just saying)

  12. peter dobson

    I normally do not react on the comments on this site. But now there are too many good comments on these pictures.
    Respect dudes!!!!!!!

  13. LuLu

    honestly dont give a shit who this hunk of beef fucks

    what i do care is why this family is so fucking famous and rich

    literally walking silicone sluts

    u know they call paparazi’s to shoot them from distance when they’re on a location right ??

    they’re fucking hungry for attention its fucking surreal

    and how people actually flow blood to their dicks after seeing them makes me wanna choke the planet

    p.s: kendal is fine tho, ugly a bit but hot body, obviously half-sister
    stop making these cunts famous


    1) There was a time not too long ago when I thought Kylie would be the cutest & hottest of the Kardashian/Jenner bunch, but she’s just an even more cartoonish version of Kim now.

    2) “Made her own money,” my ass. The only reason she’s anybody is her mom’s first husband defend a high-profile murderer and her older half-sister made a “leaked” sex video. If it weren’t for those two things, she’d be dancing at Tiffany’s Cabaret and studying for her mascara final at beauty school.

  15. Sheldon

    The Jews the Control Media are trying to destroy Caucasian lives trying to normalize black men with white women. It’s never any other racial types of couples, just black men with white women.

    Search and wake up

  16. Hansen

    When Kylie was like 15 I though we was going to be gorgeous.Now all she is a plastic filled fake body part ghetto trash woman.Just sad.

  17. Burn nigger burn

    How in the fuck could any girl/woman think this nigger is hot or sexy? Then again all kardashawhores and jenners fuck ugly niggers. Now thanks to them most white girls degrade themselves so they can be like them by dating and fucking disgusting niggers . Nothing makes me more sicker than a white girl with a ugly disgusting fucking nigger

  18. Spankmaster

    This whole whore of Babylon family is what the bible dictated in Revelations. They are the ultimate trash beings who will undoubtedly think that a trip to hell will be a nice place to fulfil their vacuous lifestyles with shopping and getting a nice tan. And what I also find most interesting is that I am a devout atheist and I must use religious references to logically denounce this whole fucked up family. Bring on the industrial strength steamrollers to sort them all out and go figure…


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