21 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Topless (2 Pics)

    1. washy

      And you have to wash your words before say other meaningless and nonsense things about a true beautiful girl and also a humble mom okay have a good day.

  1. Ghetto Cum dumpster

    Lol. Covering those fake tits that every nigga has slobbered on. Fat assed cum dumpster is more annoying than Maitland Ward.

    1. Weone

      And it’s easy to spray a lot of lies around when obvious you don’t know anything about that lady and other ladies. At least try to be polite when you address to a lady and not only because she’s a a name but actually because she’s a mother and a humble woman same as her sister okay. Have good days.

  2. peter dobson

    Is it just me but everytime Kourtney, Kendall or that other whore Kylie is posting pix of themselves this Wannabee WHALE Kim is not far behind.
    I suggest we put them all in one boat and sink it at high sea. That way a lot of our problems are solved in one action. Wonderful. Oh by the way before sinking the boat drain all the milk from there huge tits for the hungry children in africa. Safe some lives with it.

    1. okay

      Okay ” boat and sink it at high sea ” that’s rude and wrong to ever think to write such wrong things about a personality but first of all she’s a good mom and humble baby. You should summaries just to the milk for hungry children joke hope you understand this good days.

  3. JoP

    I wouldn’t say she is a whale mate, but she is certainly bigger than the average bear. I’d still plough in and probably 99.999% of the male population would too. As long as she had a decent wash first.

    1. ay

      Don’t come showing that stupid and nonsense misogyny dude, if you wanna say something as an educated man that’s good as long as you realize to be a gentleman. And the percentage that you talked about is definitely not true just because there would be many people who would never say such things to a beautiful mama as she is because good people would show their honest appreciation as educated men… Good days.

  4. DixieWrecked

    We’ve all seen her get railed for an hour. There’s nothing she can release that we haven’t already seem. Irrelevant.

    1. Honestman

      And a genius would be gentleman and humble at the same time and then you might try to achieve the meaning of POLITE word when you address to a personality and not because of that status rank but because she’s a beauty and good mama… And better think at making happy your girlfriend my dude that’s what you should think at as a matter of fact trying to make happy your baby across both of you with good days.


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