34 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Sexy (4 Pics + GIF)

  1. peter dobson

    I am so curious about how she comes up with the ideas for selfies.
    Is it because she is lonely or just a attention whore?

    1. Shazteen

      Nah, boy better get a sandwitch with raw sauce mexican and some chips if you hungry, she has a good husband so she’s not impress about such comments. Also you might think to get some education, a school than marry a girl and you would be more happy 🙂 Have a good day 🙂

    1. Shazteen

      Maybe cause you need a detox from all the porn you’ve watched and made you see life and love deviated. such comments as you said are not funny anymore boy. And don’t think about other people’s bizz better stick to your own life, and try to understand that above these stupidly things you see at pornhub there’s no way to compare fiction as porn to love and real life.
      The difference between teens and her husband is that he has more life’s experience than many of you guys no offence … and he is way more humble gentle to his wife as a straight man. 😉 That status of humbleness being a straight good man is what you need to achieve someday. Dare you good summer days 🙂

      1. Summer

        How could you say amen to other teen’s wrong and rude comment. Have you ever read such things that boy said? Guess you troll alongside him otherwise you need to see a psychiatrist too dude.

    1. Mr Winston

      And you need to see a psychiatrist or at least a psychologist ASAP. I wonder some of you don’t have other good things to do with your life guys, teens or whatever y’all be on this earth. It’s not good to dare bad things to people that you don’t know anything about them. So better think how could you can improve your mentality nephew…

    1. man

      Get some education before type a comment calling whore a person only because she’s rich it’s not okay. It’s obvious you alongside other teen browsers doesn’t know nothing about her but you like to waste your time typing such insults, lies so stupidly. Would be much better to keep a bit of decency and type an elegant comment as normal people. Peace man good summer days 🙂

    1. Nah

      Nah, haters could say whatever they want losing good time with such comments about Kim while smart people know she is a success business woman, humble and good mom. Peace .

    1. Mr Ricky

      Nobody said nothing homo on this page otherwise you were that boy who posted such a comment, so calm down get a drink and get a better job than browse such a website 😉

  2. Spankmaster

    I used to think Miss Kim K. Was such a lovely looking person until I realised that she was just another vacant whore who has way too much time on her hands being famous for being famous and is dragging her whole family through the slimiest gutter on earth just to be noticed. As for the equally vacuous silly hippie sounding bitch who is too fucked up on good thoughts and being extremely unrealistic about life or anything for that matter, yes, I have spoken to you before and it seems that you are wheedling your way into being a pain in everyone’s arse with your do Goodes horseshit. Not everyone wants to hear that these people are decent because in this case with the whole Kardashian clan, they are just evil slugs that must be drowned in salt and never allowed to reincarnate. And please don’t call me a babe; I am also a devout atheist, proud of it and quite willing to send the whole Kardashian clan to hell, even in the event of it sending me there too.

    Spankmaster has spoken…

    1. Dr Steve

      And how could you called evil a family that never bothered nobody and always mind on their business and trying to give their support at many charitable events the worse and worse and worse are such comments based on no real arguments no truth and only attempts to denigrate somebody only being a little above as material status, human mind’s such a dangerous thing when some of you didn’t learned what love is . Don’t come with this atheist’s things, cause there is no atheists but people who have the courage to expose their beliefs public and people who keep deep inside their beliefs. The only truth is Jesus. Now don’t worry God is gonna show you the right way one day.

  3. Spankmaster

    Dr Steve (providing that is your real name, which I seriously doubt, especially given your prior extreme trips into multiple personality disorder land) where on earth do you get all your totally erroneous horseshit from that you spout? Let me clarify something’s to you on a level that even you will understand.
    1) This whole family is undoubtedly evil given that they pride themselves on debasing themselves as much as possible in televising all their inner most private experiences to anyone who cares to watch and it has become a very sad, pathetic, sordid, pointless lifestyle & experience that no one need suffer.
    2) Any and all charity work they do is only achieved to further their own extreme capitalistic dealings, which at the very least is hardly anything worthwhile, especially as their commercialisation of said charitable ventures have generally been fucked up further than what it originally was; and
    3) Don’t ever even assume you understand the nature of atheism or even preach to me that Jesus is so much better than my beliefs as you are doing nothing more than pissing up a rope in being believable. I am quite willing to quote chapter and verse, to say the very least, the extreme inaccuracies and double standards associated with just about any religion, suffice to say that there has been no definite proof that God or Jesus actually exists or existed other than that over publicised press book that is called the bible, which rates as highly in bad writing and inaccuracies as Hitler’s Mien Kampf, as well as being just as interesting to read. As a former Roman Catholic, i suffered a shitload of intolerance, hypocrisy and misunderstandings to the point that not even my blind faith would ever overcome.

    That all being said, you obviously missed the very subtle hint I and so many others have made about your presence here on this website, so here’s a recap:
    1) Fuck off.
    2) Disappear up your arse where you will find all your anal based moonbeams and rainbows to keep yourself company.
    3) In total reversal to your happy summers and peace statements, just eat shit and die.

    And yes, I still like traffic lights…

    1. Dr Steve

      And again you became grumpy without a little attempt to maintain a decent dialogue not knowing how to express your statements as an adult that’s the real disorder 🙂
      do you realize that nor nobody speak ever about that multiple personality disorder you were the only one that brought up this words into this conversation and whether you want to accept it or not what I said that’s true.
      1) I’t almost obvious by the hate words you brought up you don’t know anything about Kim’s family or others.
      2) Jealousy it’s the only disorder that many website’s guys been on since the launch of this nonsense website.
      3) I met public people and they’re more humble than you would ever could expect this, but when criticism and hate it’s put first by some of you guys of course you gonna invent dirty stories to denigrate and blame the people that you almost know only a little from TV or newspapers.
      Now as I said I have nothing against your comments so go ahead and do this if that’s what makes you happy ” those so funny daily comments on such a website ”
      And by the way it doesn’t matter if you accept my true my point of view or not, but you didn’t bothered me with your negative attempts to deny my good perspective so as closing this.
      Literally even if you believe what I’m gonna tell you now because we’re all humans I’ve got only love to you and others peace and good luck with your activity on this little exciting website 😉 Good luck man!

  4. Dr Steve

    Sorry only now saw that you talked a little about religion on your reply.
    To be honest ,
    I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad time being a Roman Catholic but there’s no reason now to start to generalize every person from there.
    I’m pretty sure even on Catholic Churches there’s somebody who can perceive and understand us…
    Besides the Bible’s existence and its accuracy it’s obvious and easily to realize that above all these There’s is God as Jesus and Holy Saint at the same time.
    And I’m not the advice man, but I can say only that keep your faith my man because when the human’s faith gonna see a little bit of love together it’s gonna bring and make you see the God’s truth and understanding everything’s good is based on pure love.
    As my man Jim said
    ” When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace ” so bee good my man 😉

  5. Spankmaster

    Dr Steve, you are so blindsided by your faith that even your multiple personality disorder has overlooked the basic facts of what I have been saying, which, to put it simply, is this:

    1) No one wants your opinions, religious affirmation based or otherwise.
    2) This is a website devoted to people who want to share their blunt comments, good or bad, without feeling like they need your moral compass to the point of getting their thoughts treated to a federal offence or cavity search.
    3) Although my former religious disposition in no way is a template for all beliefs, I must insist upon you not telling me that I am wrong for now being a devout atheist as I feel it is a lot better to have faith in your own abilities and thoughts rather than some entirely farcical notion that God, Jesus and any other deity are ruling over us with the same anal based moonbeams and rainbows that you are happy to froth at the mouth about; and
    4) All of the statements I made about Kim Kardashian and her family are facts, so please get off your high horse and get a grip on reality before it’s too late.

    Spankmaster has spoken…

  6. Dr Steve

    I’m living into reality from an early age struggling for every little thing compared to you, so please don’t make affirmations about somebody that you were never been in his/her shoes.
    such childishness hate critics and blames at address of a woman that SpankMaster as other guys don’t know anything about, instead of believe all the bullshit from gossip papers, web and social media you the one suppose to get a grip to reality to realize she’s a normal human, good mother and the most important thing besides her success that you and other teens weren’t able to give an understatement is that she was involved in such charitable events that weren’t posted on web, social medias etc.
    And about religion, it’s on you but one day you gonna see more clearly these things. Good Luck, Mr Spank! and if you need some assistance I’m a psychotherapist so if you need assistance I’m down giving you support with any kind of issues. Regardless, goodbye.

    1. Spankmaster

      Glad to hear that you are finally fucking off out of here with your horseshit Dr Steve. Yes, I do see things perfectly clearly, no I wouldn’t trust someone like you with my emotional issues (especially as I don’t have any) because you are too airy fairy with your notions about God in being no way locked into logic or reality as you want to put your blind faith into something that has never been proven to be entirely factual (and isn’t praying a form of talking to yourself that needs counselling to believe in a mythical being?) and yes, I am just supporting all the other cynics on this website who are totally fact based with this whole whore of Babylon family.

      Now just eat shit and die as you leave here. Spankmaster has spoken yet bagain….

      1. Reina

        Lmao ” Whole whore of Babylon family ” =) Really boy? Do you expect roses or other things like money for some Clickbait …
        Applause for trying to sound funny and aggrandize with such comments this prestigious community called Thefappening 🙂

  7. Reinaa

    Actually that’s not big difference between Clickbaits and this website called ” Thefappening ” ” Smart ones from the most prestigious colleges may comment to read the content to realize this web was designed for some low journalists and their greedy purpose and sadly as waste of time for others naive teens nowadays.
    Only good thing is to leave this page anyway goodbye 🙂


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