13 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Braless (1 New Photo)

  1. Tigger

    Let me fix that, Kim Kardashian Brainless.
    Greedy sack of crap, talentless whore who does nothing for the betterment of society with all her exposure. Hope she and her family crash and burn together in their private plane.

    1. And, damn

      Only a dumb child with little knowledge of life would talking bad about other people that it’s obvious you don’t have any idea, only believing the bullshit what what media says.
      And most important thing that’s not good to despise anyone, when life will knock at your door teaching you a lesson you’ll realize you were so wrong thinking bad about somebody.
      Anyway, now you maybe don’t understand this, but definitely you’ll realize that one day.

        1. And, nowadays

          Being a grown man, it’s a thing, but what to expect from a child like you with name snowflake alert, damn it you made me laugh how stupid could be what you said. And one more thing little child, showing respect and appreciation as love for a girl woman is actually the only thing in this world that could makes you happy, because only a woman makes a man to be a real man.
          Definitely young child, you’ll understand this statement one day.

  2. and

    And unfortunately jealousy became a common thing, though that’s not an excuse to say no sense bullshit about a personality that’s clear nobody has the right to talk about and it’s obvious by nature you don’t have any idea about other people.
    Maybe you all will understand this one day

  3. jojo

    her breasts are store bought. For a mere 25k you get breasts to look like that as well. Also, they should add to her bio ‘porn star’, as that is her only real claim to fame.

  4. And, here we go

    It’s sadly how stupid could be some young people nowadays, and what jealousy make themselves be. Showing only love and appreciation for a person doesn’t mean you wrong.
    And that’s what you didn’t learn yet young misogyny children, but trust me you’ll learn respect to people is a must one day.


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