113 thoughts on “Katharine McPhee Leaked (16 Photos)

  1. Bobofromyellowstone

    I’m fairly sure I’ve seen that pic uncensored around the Chans but it was widely accepted as a fake. If I’m wrong, great.

  2. Sir Wanks A Lot

    I can’t wait to fap to her naked body! I hope that there are close ups of her pussy and ass. I love seeing celebrity shitholes. I’ve got a huge cum load building in my balls just waiting for Katherine.

    1. Sir Wanks A Lot

      Oh yeah! These leaks did not disappoint. So good finally seeing Katherine nude. But I really hope these photos are of her sweet pussy. But I doesn’t matter. I shot a huge thick load of my baby batter looking at her huge tits and big nipples. I’m so happy that celebrities keep taking nude selfies and that hackers help us to see them. Playboy used to occasional get a celebrity to pose nude, but the photos were never explicit. Thanks to these hacks we get celebrity pussy and asshole. Its incredible that we get to look inside Katherine Mcphee’s cunt.

      1. Dickerson Butts

        Seriously I shot a massive load myself to Ms McPhee, a long awaited and anticipated nude appearance for sure. I came so hard I think I even hit my chin!

  3. Mother of godd

    For the mother of God it’s my birthday and she is my favorite. Please share all of her leaks. I only seen the thumb nail version.

  4. Kerrigan

    If you actually look at previous pictures of Katharine this is obviously a fake/photoshop job, she has several very visible moles along her collarbone etc that are “missing”.

  5. Biggdaddy801

    If you look at her picture with the star the hair is covering it up where her mole would be. But the collar bones are very different. I loaded it on my edit software and there are no cross line to make it a fake. I hope these leaks are real.

  6. Sir Wanks A Lot

    The suspense is killing me! I’ve got so much cum inside my halls just ready to explode. Please us some of her tits and pussy already!!

  7. Snipes

    I just saw her new ones she has fake tits and a pussy like black forest ham so do not get your hopes up that would be no Phun…

  8. wawaweewa

    Sigh. In a long list of Z listers, finally one that comes up that you actually want to see naked and she isn’t actually naked. What a cock teasing lil slut.

    1. Meat curtains

      Looks like she’s had a meat curtain reduction. Even for Arby’s, there’s such a thing as too much meat.

    2. Buttermilk pancakes

      It looks like she had labia reduction surgery. This are just the scars from the stitches. They’ll probably heal eventually.

  9. Otto Didact

    WTF is going on with her inner lipos? Looks like she had ’em trimmed! Any male Doc who would mutilate a woman like that needs to have his dick and balls removed – WITHOUT BENEFIT OF ANESTHESIA -, the removed organs deep fried and fed to him. Any female doc who would do that to another woman needs to have her clit, labes and vag removed and everything sewed up so she is a smoothy. She ought to have the removed pieces deep fried and fed to her.

    Mutilating a vulva like that is just WRONG! Just WRONG!!!

    1. Red

      Likewise for anyone who performs circumcisions on male infants. Even so, McPhee’s labiaplasty had certainly consensual; she’d probably paid a lot to have it done.

      1. Tim

        There are legit health benefits to male circumcision — reduced risk of prostate and penile cancers, reduced risk of HIV, other STDs, and other infections. And better hygiene.

  10. István

    most leaks i think it would have been better not to see the pussy. all celeb pussies are ugly.
    here that can be stiches, but still dark around and ugly.
    oh lord, why did i left my first girl? she hat the most beautiful pink pussy in the world, perfect shape no big labia, just perfect and sweet

  11. HiLo

    her vagina still has stiches from the redux
    i’ll pull em out with my teeth and let the puss flow
    natural lube

  12. Sanity

    First time I’ve ever been completely grossed out by nudes. And I’ve liked this chick for a long time.

    These chicks gotta embrace the curtains.

  13. John Mclane

    That honestly does not look at all like her. She doesn’t seem to have fake tits, and those photos are of someone who has had a boob job.

  14. for chan

    oh yes yes yes !! sweet mother i hit the motherload .. love this innocent women . frankly if anyone leaked any of my pics i d be sad cause nobody wants to see my little dick

  15. Brian Spenser

    Trying to figure out what’s going on with her pussy lips…are those dark spots scabs from masturbating too much? Is her pussy that wet or just yeasty? I see a gyno visit in her near future.

  16. Esparkz

    Those are very dirty panties. My boner went from a 100 to zero real quick. Looking at these i’d have to apologize to Hope Solo. What an ugly pussy, omg are those teeth? Why do celebs have ugly pussy? Is it because they fuck too much?

  17. TJCrinc

    Those are labiaplasty stiches. look closer. also, i dont understand why women dont like the meat curtains. Its like they are trying to make their pussy look like a little girls (an innie).

    Where is the beef?

    1. klawicki

      And yet another virgin shows the world that they never get laid. “Oh my god! Pussy MUST go for it because I never get any and never will.”

  18. jalodu

    desde que la vi en smachs solo esper este momento y que desilucion, unas ttas mal peradas y caraj que vajina tan pero tan horrible

  19. Dom bull

    LOL @ all the lying pre-pubescent faggots on this site acting like they’d turn her down. Bitch, she would skurt on yalls ugly asses so hard.. the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    And yes, she JUST had the labia reduction surgery. Those black dots are her stitches. In a few weeks when it heals up, she’ll look normal again.

  20. Brian Spenser

    As all of you I was definitely and deeply saddened by the pussy pics of America’s Sweetheart Katherine McPhee. Not only has it shattered my world but I know many of you were shocked as well. I would rather see daily pictures of Miley Cyrus peeing with tampon strings hanging between her flappy puss puss if I can just unsee Kathrine McPhee’s pussy. I’d gladly wallpaper my wall with pictures of Misty May-Treanor wiping her bullethole if I can just unsee these pictures of Katherine’s pussy. How awkward do you think it will be when she returns to the set of Scorpion and her co-stars and camera crew have all seen those photos I’m sure the studio will have hired a full-time gynecologist to nurse Katherine’s labia back to health and air out the humid panties. Such a shame, I give these pictures zero tissues out of 5.

      1. Brian Spenser

        BAHAHAHAHA! My mom’s been dead for 10 years so if you fucked her it means you stuck your dick into an urn of ashes. What a loser, you can’t even get a hit the first comment out. When you comment to me, bring your A game, none of this “I fucked your mom” crap, that is so over used and shows you lack originality. The sad part is there is still 2 websites right now that you can get the pictures but I ain’t telling unless you come at me with a better insult than ‘you fucked my mom’. And buttfucker….really? You couldn’t add flavor to it like spicy buttfucker or paint a picture like herpes ridden buttfucker, you had to finish with just a simple buttfucker. Seriously if you aren’t going to be original at LEAST be entertaining.

  21. Beef N' Cheddar

    Absolutely. It’s dried menstral blood. And any of you fapping bitches in these comments (including myself) would fuck the shit out of her. Stop pretending like you wouldn’t with your “nasty Arby’s Big Montana roast beef curtains” blah blah blah comments. You fucking know you’d fuck that. Cause if you could actually GET pussy in real life, you wouldn’t be gawking at these leaks and spending time debating if it’s real. And you dolts that think it’s surgery or an STD, you’ve obviously never fucked a girl on the rag. But really, if you don’t like it, go back to sticking your dick in your mamma’s mashed potatoes and shut the fuck up.

  22. Spankmaster

    Why bother going into raptures over these leaked nudes when we now get to see fuck all of them? Either repost them or delete these fake news images from here altogether. I am dedicated in fapping myself blind…


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