51 thoughts on “Kat Dennings Naked (3 Photos)

      1. Dubs

        Wow, you were called a Nazi! Wear that label as a badge of honor. The libtards don’t know any better.

        1. FUCK ALL NAZIS

          Shut up you fucking suck ass inbred piece of shit, why don’t you go die on your burning cross you hooded cousin fucking idiot.

      2. Daniel Strom

        You’re an asshole. She’s beautiful, and her titties are amazing ! Go back to your Homo boyfriend.

  1. WishboneJC

    Kat also has the sultriest,
    sexy voice.
    I wish I could send her
    script of things I want her
    to say to me and get it
    on a recording.
    Hell, she can just read
    the dictionary to me.

    1. Youreadumbfuck

      You climbed off your mom long enough to tap Kat? I bet you just taped her photo to the back of your dog’s head and pounded it instead.

    1. El J

      Yeah… Marion Morrison just doesn’t have the same impact as John Wayne, Maurice Micklewhite instead of Michael Caine or Issur Danielovitch Demsky instead of Kirk Douglas. A rose by any other name might be a stinging nettle.

  2. Andreas

    what the fuck is this the antisemitic section, this chick is pretty as hell and all real no plastic on her…..wonderful funbags……and she is funny as hell…..

  3. Dave Channing

    Me an a buddy of mine took turns on her before she was famous. She was drunk as hell. We sandwiched her for a half hour. She fucks like a porn star!! I loved sucking those titties!!!

  4. Spankmaster

    So what about her being a Jew? She has nice tits and she looks like she’d be a real demon in bed so unless there are arseholes out there who want be happy unless they turn her skin into a lampshade, then I suggest you get over it and continue to happily fap yourself blind, whilst saying ‘Oy Vey!’ And I like traffic lights…


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