8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Sexy (8 New Photos)

    1. a...

      I wonder, what about if you would learn to express appreciation for a woman with humble words.
      And by the way she’s a married business woman, with children so she would never think at stuff like you described that makes no sense. I guess it would be much better thinking at your own business.

    1. and..

      I guess if watch porn it makes you thinking deviated and not normally sometimes.
      So it has nothing to deal with love and a relationship, btw.
      And what about if you would start think at yours business than other person business. If you didn’t know she’s a married woman, a good mother and hard worker so when a person know what to do with her time that person would never think at least to waste time thinking as such things you talked about.
      You’ll understand it one day.


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