15 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez Sexy (41 Photos + Video)

  1. Spamwhore

    Somewhere, a physically and mentally exhausted Photoshop editor is thinking about her cellulite now, and shudders. What has been seen cannot be unseen!

  2. peter dobson

    Well, this is one good looking Lady!!!!
    Just enough ass and tits to get my motor running.
    Yeah baby.
    So much better than that Kim K. WHALE yuck

  3. Little dick pussy liars need to die

    All of you talking shit are a bunch of little dick pussies that couldn’t handle this beautiful woman. With or without makeup and with or without Photoshop, this 48 year old woman looks better than most 20 something year olds and she looks better than anything you little bitches have been with. That is if any of you little dick pussies have even seen a pussy that isn’t on a screen or magazine let alone actually fucked a girl who would lay with your pathetic microscopic dick. Every single one of you pussy asses would jizz all over yourselves if J-Lo even touched you so do the world a favor and stop lying because none of us is falling for your bullshit.

  4. iwannafukjlosbutthole

    I just want one keaked naked photo showing her ass before she gets old to the point where her ass dont look good. She really needs just one naked pic

    1. gia

      And for your little knowledge a woman who respect herself always will look just amazing. And btw, who do you think you are to ask for such a naked picture, it’s infantile thing boy.
      I don’t criticize you probably watching a lot of porn now you see from a wrong point the life, though you should understand you can’t compare adult entertainment to what means real show, music industry there’s she’s a musician, she has nothing to deal with stuff as you’ve mentioned above, lol
      And btw, next time it’s just better to think on your own bizz.


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