14 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence & Kim Kardashian Sexy (47 Pics + Gifs & Video)

  1. Severus Snape

    This was actually a pretty funny interview. And what I would give to shoot some Spiderman webs between their tits.

  2. DingusJim

    Can anyone confirm that this is Kim Kardashian? I find it hard to keep track with her continual facial reconstruction.

  3. Doug

    You know times are absolute shit when the queen of trashy celebutantes is besties with a millenial 10 years her junior and is her late night show interviewer

  4. Doug

    JLaw really runs the full gamut of emotions here doesnt she? Shes horny, ecstatic, expectant, thrilled, starstruck, smug, defiant, accusive, tickled, overjoyed, hysterical, dumbfounded, prying, chummy, guilty, repentant, disbelieving, mischievious, coy, proud, and then most ominously, completely in a trance in her dressing room

  5. Spankmaster

    Jack, so do I, but in regards to these photos, I’ll let you have Kim K, while I have Jlaw. Stand back please, we have lift off…


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