40 thoughts on “Jennette McCurdy Leaked (2 Photos)

      1. Claude Funston

        If it’s fake, how come it’s her living room in the background?

        And for those saying the nose is different, you’re crazy, it’s the same nose, different angle.

        1. klawicki

          You’ve been to her living room have you, Claude? Because otherwise, that may be the single dumbest comment ever communicated in the history of human communication.

        1. klawicki

          Dewd..are you trying to secure the top spot in most gullible, worthless fucking idiot on the planet? If so…congratulations! For the first time in your life, you have succeeded at something!

  1. Bobofromyellowstone

    This FINALLY hit the mainstream? This pic has been all over the celeb leak deepweb sites for ages. It’s funny to think that people will now argue over authenticity for another 6 months before realizing its real.

  2. shdv

    doing a reverse search you can find results from early 2015 without any mention of Jennette’s name, this is just another blonde girl with big boobs being published as a leak

  3. dipstick

    funny, cause the mole they circled in the real pic is on her bicep, and the other one is on her shoulder. Plus she has lots of other moles on her neck and tits that show up in paparazzi shots but not on the nude pic.

    1. Arty

      She has two moles on her shoulder. The guy circled the high mole in one pic and the low mole in the other pic. …….Yah, which is pretty boneheaded. And the reason you can’t see the other moles is because it’s a bad pic. A little blurry and a lot of the moles were blown out by the bright lighting.

  4. DoucheMachine

    The other photos that exist from the original fappening show much larger nipples and areola. This is fake.

  5. Mmiglak

    Wow you guys are idiots. You must have had issues comparing shapes in preschool. The mole is in the same spot on the arm and the nose and mouth are the same. The difference is in her position and proximity to the camera. Kind of like how your tiny dick might look bigger as you get closer tot the mirror. Read a fucking book dumbasses.

  6. Arty

    Anyone else notice that she has two moles on her shoulder (one high and one low) and the person who made this pic circled two different moles? ……….*face palm*

  7. Joshnya

    That’s her, after a little editing, lose the brightness, highlights, and add contrast the moles appear in the very same spot. Whomever circled the moles circled the wrong one. She has three visible moles, two upper arm and one on opposite of elbow. Not Joshnya

  8. Bean

    Moles are the easiest thing to fake. Nostrils for jeanette are much wider, the completely nude girl has had some serious plastic surgery on her nose. Mouth is also different but that is party because of no smile. The nude girl looks more like a blonde linda Cardelini than Jeanette McCurdy.


    1. atotehz

      That is not Lena Paul. Their frames and appearances are too different.

      I think the following things look the same in the 2 pictures:
      -Waist/butt ratio and shape
      -Upper lip
      -Boob size/shape
      -Body frame and proportions
      .. All look the same
      Unless someone did a convincing photoshop, that is Jennette McCurdy.


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