27 thoughts on “Hunter McGrady Sexy – 2017 ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue

    1. Chill out

      Giancarlo Stanton had to lay down too and he’s an in shape baseball player she’s sexy asf if you wouldn’t smash that you’re either gay which is no problem or you can’t get a girl like that to fuck you bro

  1. Confused Colin

    I’m sure most comments will be about her weight but I’m confused about her age.. how the hell is that a 23 year old?!

  2. Terpfan2002

    SI caved to the feminists by putting fat girls like her and Ashley Graham in this issue. If I don’t wanna see myself in a swimsuit issue does that mean I’m a body shamer or that I just don’t wanna puke?

  3. AJ

    Most of you are simply idiots. This is one fine specie of woman. Beautiful and thick. I like very much. Meat is for man, bones are for the dog. Please post more of this goddess.

    1. thanks

      words of someone who is used to settling for the fatties. i appreciate someone that knows their place and helps cull the herd. thanks

  4. SCM

    So what exactly is the barrier to being a bikini supermodel now? What criteria separate those who can become one from those who can’t? Not having a head?

    1. FatGirlGoneFatter

      You used to find the supermodel specs in the same location where the qualifications for president are listed. Now both are forever gone.

  5. AndIThoughtSportySpiceWasChunkyAndNotSporty

    Her face is a little less ugly than Ashley Graham’s, but her body is a little more disgusting. The “Sports” in the title of this magazine has become so misleading it should be illegal – unless it has become a competitive eating magazine.

    1. Trial by fire

      I believe some photo shoots and models got mixed up at the agency. This is actually Hunter McGatherer from the 2017 ‘Snots Illustrated’ Swim-sooie Issue.

  6. Pulse

    Does anyone remember these pictorials SI used to do with models and professional athletes? I remember Chris Paul and Bar Refaeli a while back. Give it another year or two, and they’ll have pictorials with these walruses called Hunter McBigMac and Ashley Grahameater and sumo wrestlers. Only problem is, that’s just gonna make the sumo wreslters look skinnier.

    PS: thank God for the direct links to the comments section so you don’t have to scroll through all this disgusting shit. Going through this whole page must be like trying to fight through her fat to find her pussy.

  7. Dad

    I get what SI is TRYING to do. But this chick is fucking disgusting. I’m sure there are guys out there who would hit that. I could not, ever, get excited for a woman that looked like a walrus. Ugh.


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